Facebook Advertising:          Driving More Direct Sales

Our social media experts will work to create engaging, eye-catching ads that helps create interest, drive traffic and deliver sales 

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Facebook Advertising Management - Success Stories

Connecting Your Ideal Client With Your Brand 

Facebook Strategy

We work with you to craft the right strategy to attract the right travel guests to your destination. We work with you to learn about your ideal travel guests & craft a strategy to engage them.

Ad Creative

From defining the images and videos, to ad placement with A/B testing for a winning campaign.

Account Setup

We do all the account setup, including creating a social media presence if none exists.

Facebook Management

Our team will manage your campaign right from the start - from pixel to profit, tracking your conversions all along the way. 

- Java Kai Digital Team

Turn prospects into customers by meeting their expectations when they click on your ads. If a link doesn’t go where they think it will, you’ll lose out on conversion

Focused on Booking More Rooms for Less - Facebook Case Studies

Hotel Facebook Ad Case Study Java Kai Digital

The Situation: A global hotel company that has 12 brands in its family, spanning more than 5,000 hotel rooms in nearly 100 countries throughout the world. 

The Goal: Getting Travelers to Book Direct. Their goal was to drive online bookings by identifying in-market travelers to get them to visit its website and promote their Rewards Club, providing exclusive preferential rates to loyalty members who book through their direct channels. 

The Strategy: To boost online bookings, we tested dynamic ads for travel. These ads offer our travel clients more benefits than dynamic regular ads - including the ability to target ads to people based on their search activity, provide relevant hotel recommendations based on location proximity, star rating and show date pricing.

The Results: 20% lower cost per booking and 50% increase in scale reaching the target audience, just by changing up the strategy to include dynamic ads.

FB Cruise Ad Case Study Java Kai Digital

The Situation: A luxury cruise line needed to increase its online bookings, and was not experiencing targeted leads through its general paid search program. It desperately needed to improve its return on ad spend (ROAS) over what it had been experiencing through the Google Search Network. 

The Goal: To increase targeted bookings through social media paid advertising to build awareness of specific targeted cruise locations. 

The Strategy: Developed a personalized retargeting strategy to efficiently reach the audience efficiently with advanced customized ads. The aim was to encourage travelers to book a trip on the cruise's website. Back in early 2016, an always-on campaign was launched using these ads to reach a very targeted traveler with the most relevant offering based on their previous website activity.

By placing a Facebook Pixel on the website, building custom audiences of people who viewed specific itineraries, further segmented the audience by the date they last visited the site. By doing so, the creation of a product feed that included related imagery, pricing and availability made things easier for their guests to find and book their trip.

The Results: This campaign led to a 3X increase in online bookings, and a 2X higher total revenue using this strategy than their previous non-branded paid ad campaign. Their ROAS, was $15.20 (Note: ROAS is a metric calculated by dividing the revenue generated from an ad campaign, by the cost of that c 

Capturing Trials & Sales with A Targeted Strategy for Technology Clients

java kai digital facebook ads for technology

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The Goal

The Strategy

The Results

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