In just about every client we work with, we'll uncover at least six different, low hanging fruit, technical areas that are impeding a site's progress from ranking well in the search engines. 

We start every project off with a full in depth technical analysis of your site to identify search engine crawl errors, or other technical areas that may be inhibiting your site from being crawled and indexed. 

This 45 point technical checklist comes complete with a priority based list of actionable technical recommendations. We'll even implement the recommendations we make for you if you're development team is unable to. 

We've helped some of the largest Financial, CPG, Telecom, and Auto brands in the world by providing them detailed technical insight into the site's performance and helped them correct things like page speed to fundamental navigational misconfigurations to optimizing their content management system to help the search engines find and index their product pages. 

Through our full technical audit & analysis services we include all the following:

We can help your organization​.

We'll create your technical audit using our proven methodology we use for all our very large enterprise clients. 

We use only the highest quality and leading industry tools and our own human expertise to review and analyze your site. 

Strategy First. Not Technology.

  • Google Search Console  - Analysis of your current state through the eyes of the search engine via Search Console is key.
  • Review of all Sitemap & Robots Files- A full review of your robots.txt, sitemap.xml files, on page HTML sitemap files are all scrutinized 
  • Content Management System Diagnosis - Its not uncommon to find your CMS isn't setup properly to allow the search engines the ability to crawl each of your pages. We'll provide a full optimization analysis of your WordPress, SiteCore, ATG, or Demandware platform and provide specific recommendations. 
  • Site Structure & Information Architecture - We review all navigational links, logical folder and URL structure, to see how well each page is being accessed by both users and search engines 
  • All Backlinks & Internal Links- We also take a look at the links pointing into your site, the trust and authority they either bring or don't, the ability to access those links or identify those with 404 errors associated with them. 
  • Adhere to Industry Standards - Java Kai Digital uses the highest quality industry standards, and always adheres to Google & Bing's Quality Search Standards and Guidelines. 

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