SEO Training Workshops | SEO Education & Best Practice Guidelines

SEO is a complex and necessary marketing activity, but not everyone joins your team with years of knowledge or experience building large scale enterprise SEO programs. We come equipped with the necessary advanced level of experience and trained many teams from Reader’s Digest to Payless Shoes and many others.

We’ve developed specific programs for various roles, including your development team, where we’ve built and led workshops such as “Technical SEO Considerations in 2017”.

Creating content marketing programs for marketing teams, where they learned how to create an editorial calendar, learned why user intent is important and how to conduct their own content audit.

You might also need your new SEO team to get ramped up in a shorter time, because they joined the team with less than a few years of SEO experience.

We can help your organization​.

We'll customize and build out very detailed workshops for anyone of your teams, including your development teams (on-shore or off), internal marketing & copy teams and executives. 

  • Marketing Teams - Training workshops created to teach everything from establishing SEO strategy, digital marketing oversight, to educating your development teams on the most effective mobile optimization techniques
  • Executives - Developing governance within your organization. We'll help you recommend the right players within your digital marketing team, and identify the types of skills they should have, establish a methodology, and reporting structure
  • SEO Managers - Best Practices, Trends, Scale your internal SEO program, and how to establish SEO into your company culture
  • Developers - Educating your IT teams about the most critical coding elements, mobile optimization techniques and CMS optimizations

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