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Are you seeing enough converting traffic from Google each month? Is your competition surpassing you in the search rankings?  

Our strategic SEO team will work to create engaging, high converting content that helps create interest, drive traffic and delivers sales 

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Search Engine Optimization - Success Stories

Connecting Your Ideal Client With Your Brand within major search engines: Google, Bing, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube

Onsite Optimization & Strategy

We work with you to craft the right strategy to attract the right targeted customer (B2B or B2C). We work with you to learn about your ideal customer & develop a strategy to engage them.

Competitive Analysis

Research & discover which keywords & content sends the most traffic to your competitors, and identify opportunities to reach a broader, more targeted audience.


Improving the ability of search engines & people to find and convert on your website.

Off Site Optimization

Authority & Links are a must within your overall SEO strategy. The SEO off site audit & recommendations will provide long term trust & authority.

- Steffanie Zazulak, Sr. Marketing Manager, Pearson

"I know enough about SEO to be dangerous and to run from anyone who tells us it's a quick fix. Janet provides a 100% legitimate SEO with a wealth of experience and expertise."

Java Kai Digital Applies Current Industry Standards & Best Practices         SEO Success Stories

SEO Domain Strategy & Migration Planning Contributes to Increase in Organic Traffic 40% Year over Year!

Java Kai Digital SEO Success

The Situation: A US based telecom client had various brand domains, creating confusion within the search engines and its visitors. Traffic to the site had been declining 40% year over year as a result.  

The Goal: Increase overall visibility, correct known search engine crawl errors at the server level and prepare for new migration. Instill a core set of best practices for the client's development team for all future work to adhere to SEO best practices. 

The Strategy: To establish a formal go forward approach within the organization to avoid any future risk to search engine visibility. Roll out a comprehensive phased approach including ongoing technical analysis, keyword research and user intent based content reaching top and bottom of the funnel prospective buyers. 

The Results: 25%  growth in organic traffic within 6 months of rolling out new content, building relevant trusted & authoritative content targeting the user's intent and increasing the share of organic traffic from 14% to 30% YoY. 

Capturing Trials & Sales with A Targeted Strategy for Financial Services Clients & Increased Rankings 57% and Search Traffic by 130%

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The Situation:  Client, a well-known mortgage brokerage, had no internal marketing team or strategic plan as to how to increase their visibility through search engines. They had experienced declines in organic traffic YoY.

The Goal:  The need to increase targeted, qualified first time home buyers & prequalify application requests through their website. 

The Strategy: Developed a content strategy that targeted their ideal customer, and built engagement on their website and across their social media accounts. Identification of specific technical crawl related issues, with a comprehensive technical audit, and personalized keyword research, a formal strategy was rolled out company-wide. 

The Results: Within 6 months of correcting all technical related crawl inhibitors, and introducing content that spoke to their ideal customer, they increased rankings by 57%. Their organic visitation increased by 130% to their core mortgage applications pages, which in turn increased application requests by 28% by end of year. 

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