In order to properly reach your intended targeted audience, you need a strong content marketing program in place.

We’ll help you establish your target audience through persona development, and help create your customer journey through the various types of content we’ll produce in your site.

Creating content marketing programs for marketing teams, where they learned how to create an editorial calendar, learned why user intent is important and how to conduct their own content audit.

Content is still king, but engagement is queen and she rules the house - therefore, we need to make sure your content doesn’t just exist, but is engaging to the audience you intend to reach.

Java Kai Digital has worked with some of the largest brands in the world on developing a targeted content marketing program. We’ve built editorial schedules and through diligent and expert keyword and audience research, we’ll help build out content that ranks and converts.

Through our content marketing services we include all the following:

We can help your organization​.

We'll customize a specific content marketing program built for your business.

This is NOT a cookie cutter copy shop process. Each of our clients content programs is thought through with their business objectives & goals in mind.

Strategy First. Not Technology.

  • Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research - Analysis of your indirect and direct competition, and determine those important search keywords.
  • Content Audit & Analysis of User Intents- Through a content audit, we’ll create a gap analysis and provide you with the competitive content your competitors aren’t ranking for.
  • Subject Matter Expert Writers - Obtain (where necessary) highly-qualified subject matter experts to write & publish your content.
  • Publisher Outreach - Provide outreach to publishers.
  • Proven Methodology - All content is produced will run through a rigorous set of editorial checkpoints in order to produce the highest quality content.
  • Reporting & Monitoring: Monitor and report out on key performance indicators, making sure your content converts and continues to provide value for your visitors. 
  • Adhere to Industry Standards - Java Kai Digital uses the highest quality industry standards, and always adheres to Google & Bing's Quality Search Standards and Guidelines. 
  • Industry Leading Tools - JKD uses a variety of the highest quality third party tools and resources to build an effective quality content marketing program for all our clients.

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